Packaging Machine



1.Control System: Touch screen, Siemens PLC controller.

2. Various moulds: One machine is suitable for various size trays packing

3. Vacuum replacing: Replace the air by vacuum pump

4. Vacuum Pump: Germany BUSCH Vacuum Pump assures the safe and reliable opeation of pump.

Packaging Machine
Packaging Machine
Packaging Machine

 General (Automatic Tray&Bag Packaging Machine):

Automatic Tray&Bag MAP Machine is double-position type adopts vacuum replacing way for fresh packaging with gas filling. It use vacuum pump to suck the air out from the tray, then filling the mixed air which can extend the food fresh life.

Application(Automatic Tray&Bag Packaging Machine):
Automatic Tray MAP Machine double-position type is widely used for meat, fowl, fish, vegetable, fruit and other fresh food, cooked meat, bread and so on. The MAP packing can keep the taste, color, shape, nutrition of food well and extend the fresh life. 
 Features (Automatic Tray&Bag Packaging Machine):
1.Control System: Big touch screen, OMRON PLC controller. The language can be customizing.
2. Main material: Stainless steel 304 ensure beautiful appearance and normally using in bad condition.
3. Various moulds: one machine is suitable for various size trays packing, the mould is changed easily.
4. Filling gas with vacuum replacing: replace the air by vacuum pump, replace effect is better than other mode.
5. Gas Mixers: Germany WITT Gas Mixers provide controlled gas quality and safety in packaging process – for germfree and preserving food.
6. Vacuum Pump: Germany BUSCH Vacuum Pump assures the safe and reliable operation of pump.
7. Cylinder: Germany FESTO cylinders or Japan SMC cylinders ;
8. Failure alert: ensure the machine works normally.
9. Special sizes can be customized!

ALLCOLD will design and offer the most suitable machine according to clients'requirements.

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